Saturday, 14 April 2012


So the last few weeks have been a crash course in publicity, advertising and social media promotion. Twitter, Facebook and Blogger have all been ridiculously addictive - seeing how many views we've had, tracking where they're from (Russia, Argentina, USA bizarrely) and seeing the hit count creeping up, particularly in the last week.

Twitter is a bit weird. It seems to be filled with local businesses, enterprises  and personalities all following each other in the hope of them following back to gain credibility and get the 'Follower' count up. At the moment we're up to 52, which is good for 3 weeks work. I think. The people at NowBath have been particularly helpful, re-tweeting and getting the word out to 1500 people at a time.

However, none of this amounted to any bookings, leading us to unofficially cancel the event. That was until we had a booking out of the blue on Tuesday and some more last minute ones on Wednesday and Thursday. All of which led to a table full but some last minute shopping and a day full of prep for the big event! Not helped by the fact that now Hannah had agreed to go on call for Friday night with the expectation of being called in and missing it leaving me 'alllll byyyyy mmyyyyyy seeeeelllfff'.

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