Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Masterchef @ IKEA

So way back when in September, the day after we moved from Cambridgeshire to Bath (as you do), we took a trip to IKEA in Bristol to buy some wardrobes for our new flat and of course the inevitable photo frames, candles and other things you never knew you needed. For me it was easy as I pretty much grew up in the aisles of Ikea or just left in the cinema to watch Cartoon Network. I think I was only forgotten once. But we also had both sets of parents for whom it was their first time. They could not get their heads around the fact that you had to go and get your furniture, let alone assemble it yourself.

Anywho, this isn't about IKEA's Service Concept, as amazing as it is. It's about a couple we saw in the kitchen section who had 3 trolleys between them that were stacked up with 10 of everything. Stock pots, skillets, spatulas, pasta strainers. You name it, they had it (and were frequently dropping on the floor with great clatters). We assumed they were student house landlords stocking up for their portfolio of 10 houses (it was September after all).

So back in February I got a call from my Mum that went something like 'Are you watching Masterchef?' (Of course I was), 'Well look in the background. Recognise those skillets, spatulas and pasta strainers?' She was right. The BBC/whoever produces Masterchef had taken the contestants to Bath to cater for the Jane Austen Festival and they were cooking in marquees on the lawn of the Royal Crescent. Lo and behold, they had been to IKEA a few days before and stocked up on everything you would need. The dates matched up perfectley as did the shiny pots and pans.

Why they didn't have this stuff already/hire it/bring it down from their studio I'll never know. But there you have it. Masterchef used the whole IKEA range of cooking equipment.

And on that bombshell...

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