Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lift Off!

So after many many months of umming and arrring, it seems that we might be at a stage where Syd's Supper Club is a go-go. I first heard about this concept a few years ago, buried the idea away due to lifestyle constraints but it kept coming back and niggling at me so here we are. The lifestyle constraints have gone and I now have permission from Miss Syd to get going.

We need to have a mock up of the exact lay-out (we could have the table in the living room or our 'study') on Monday. After that, I'll come up with a firm menu (I have a few of the courses sorted but the rest are up for debate), check we have the cutlery etc to match the menu and get cracking on everything else required. So not much then! We'll have a 'soft' opening the week before to check and then Friday it is.

Whoop whoop!

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